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A little harsh? Perhaps. A tad unprofessional? Maybe. But we’re tired of seeing “we care” or “customer service first” from huge multi-national corporations. You’ve seen it, we’ve seen it, but who actually believes it? It sounds nice but do they actually LIVE it?


Every day we give our best to our customers. Every… day. It was the reason we started MANTL. We left a large (very large) corporation to start MANTL because we lost the control to directly help our customers succeed. Red tape, egos, corporate overlords all hindered our ability to truly partner with our customers anymore. It wasn’t in our DNA to simply tow the company line. So we left, and MANTL was founded in October of 2014… right before the worst recession our industry has ever seen.

We’re still here…

How does a brand new, independently funded company survive (and thrive) during amazingly awful economic times? You give a sh#t. You live it, you breathe it and you find that extra mile for your customers.

We’re not done…

Our growth over the last 5 years is nothing short of incredible and it humbles us. We are thankful for every customer that gave us a shot and every customer that recognized and appreciated the level of service we were committed to. We even found a way to acquire a new division of service to add to our company. How? We were presented with an opportunity to bring in a whole crew of people who shared our same drive, passion and commitment. In short, they gave a s#!t too! But we’re not done.

Our promise…

Our promise to our customers is to keep that same level of hunger, that same drive to out-do our competitors that we had on day one. We promise to never lose sight of who got us here and never, ever take a relationship for granted. If we’ve earned your business, rest assured we are eternally grateful. If we haven’t yet worked together, know we will do everything in our power to deliver what you need to ensure our mutual success.

So whether you’re looking for PCP Systems or Rod Services , you can count on the complete MANTL team to give a s#!t about what we do for you.



MANTLMeet our team and see what drives them to give a s#!T



The symbolism behind the MANTL logo:

The 3 green bars are an abstract M, for MANTL

The spaces between these bars represent wells drilled into the earth’s surface

The curvature of the M is similar to an Inflow Performance Relationship used in reservoir engineering and similar to a pump hydraulic performance test

We chose brown as a tribute to getting oil out of the ground

We chose green to show our commitment to the environment